Brochures & leaflets

Brochures & LeafletsWe’re living in an increasingly ‘wired world’ where the internet, (websites, email marketing and so on) are taking over.

Some say that sending out brochures and mass-produced leaflets is outdated. They say that these old marketing tools aren’t that effective any more. I think they (whoever ‘they’ are), couldn’t be more wrong.

The sad fact is, in the past, many people and businesses have spent a lot of money producing glossy, gorgeous brochures and ‘dead tree’ mailshots only to find that the response rate is pitifully low. So low in fact, that they don’t even recoup the cost of sending out the materials in the first place.

It’s an all-too common occurrence that businesses don’t think to hire copywriters for their brochure writing, or other paper-based marketing materials. It’s crazy when you think about it: they spend all that money on layout designers and photographers and graphic artists, and yet when it comes to the actual real content, they don’t spend a tiny bit of money making sure that the information is written correctly. The MD just rattles off a few lines, thinking “that’ll do.”

Thousands of businesses – just like yours – are still seeing huge benefits from brochure and leaflet marketing today. What makes them successful? 99 times out of 100, they’re getting copywriters to write their content.

There’s still a lot of milage in sending out printed marketing materials to your clients. The copywriter who can increase the conversion rates so well by polishing the content on your website, can do exactly the same thing with your paper-based promotions.

I’d love to help your next brochure or leaflet mailshot work ten times harder for you. Just send me an email with your details for a totally free no-obligation quote.

And as with everything else, if you’re not 100% satisfied, you won’t pay a penny.