Email & newsletter marketing

Email & NewslettersNobody likes spam.

I’m not talking about the spiced canned ham – though I confess I’m not a lover of that either – I’m talking about the relentless bombardment of uninvited sales messages and pitches that burst into your inbox on a daily basis.

How do you make sure that your marketing emails aren’t spam, but relevant pieces of content that your potential customers will love, while at the same time driving up sales and enquiries to you?

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that this is where I come in.

The trick is to make sure that your written content actually reads like something that your customers will want to read. That’s a tricky art – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But don’t let people tell you that “sales messages that don’t feel like sales messages are like getting lightening in a bottle”. They’re not. With the right copywriter, they can be produced for any business on any subject.

I can write you snail-mail and email marketing letters that people will actually read. They won’t hit the delete key or throw them straight in the trash.

Almost all email subject headers are actually read by their recipients, no matter who the email comes from. My first task is to make sure that your email subject header is good enough so that they *want* to open your marketing email. I constantly deliver message opening rates that are betweenFIFTEEN TO FIFTY TIMES HIGHER than the industry average.

Why am I that successful compared to the average? It’s simple: most marketing emails aren’t written by professional copywriters like me. They don’t know how to quickly engage and catch someone’s interest with the written word.

And once they have opened the email, half the battle is won. My expertly-weaved copy inside the e-newsletter will drive up the number of customers who click-through wanting to know more. I’ve had click-through rates from email newsletters that are 2,000% above the industry average. And it hasn’t just happened “now and then”, I managed to make it happen again and again and again, with a consistency that even surprises me.

Email and old-school ‘dead tree’ marketing letters are considered a dying art form. But they’re only dying because people aren’t using them properly. Hiring a professional copywriter to excite your customers and get your message across will revolutionise your business and significantly increase your sales.

So what are you waiting for?

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