Examples of my work

Before I do any work for you, it makes perfect sense to see examples of the work I’ve done in the past.

While I’ve put a decent variety of things for you to see below, do remember that every project is unique. I try to avoid a writing ‘style’ and will write in a way that suits the tone and requirements of your project. Every job is a bespoke one by its very nature.

Click on any of the images below to see an example of the copy without any of the fancy formatting or other distractions. I write the words – the formatting is all down to very talented web designers and graphic artists!

If you want to see more examples, or have any questions or queries at all, just click here and drop me a quick note.


mapledurhamMapledurham – Web Copy

With both the historic mansion house and beautiful gardens of Mapledurham, there’s something for everyone all year round. I was asked to write the copy for a promotional deal, where you got a tour and access of the grounds for half price. Click on the image to read the copy.

-In the countryside – peace and quiet, but with things to do all year round.
-Fun and adventure for the kids
-Won 2011 “Beautiful South Gold Award for Excellence” from the UK’s Tourism South East
-Estate: Mapledurham House and Watermill, both date back to Doomsday England
-A breath of fresh air for you, and enchanting for your children


newelmtreee-newsNew Elm Tree – E-Newsletter

A lot of people say that there’s too many ‘pub chains’ these days. That’s certainly the view of the people who run the New Elm Tree in Reading. And that’s what makes this restaurant so special.

They wanted everyone to see (and taste) what the New Elm Tree could offer, and I was asked to write the promotional copy for an e-newsletter that salivated the tastebuds of anyone reading it, and increasing uptake of the special voucher that was on offer.

Click on the image to read the copy.


glamshotzwebcopyGlam Shotz – Web Copy

‘Glam Shotz’ is a really special company. They’re not just a hairdressers, or a stylists with a makeup section on the side. They’re consultants, dedicated to making you look and feel fabulous. Not just when you’re in the studio when everything is ‘perfect’, but long after you’ve gone too. I had to write some copy for the web that really highlighted their unique selling points, and emphasised what places them at a higher level than the competition. Click on the image to read the copy.

-Not a faceless chain – independent family-owned salons
-Full beauty consultants
-All staff are trained to at least level 3
-All about building relationships – treating customers as individuals
-Competitive pricing
-Stylists, colourists and beauty therapists
-Don’t just look and feel your best in the salon, but long after you’ve left.


CPL TrainingCPL Training – Video Script

CPL are the Confederation of Professional Licensees. They are the guys who turn ordinary people like you or me into landlords of pubs, bars and restaurants – and support them every step of the way.

They wanted a professionally presented and produced corporate video that in just a short space of time, pushed the big benefits of both the lifestyle and conditions of being a pub landlord, while highlighting how CPL can get you there and raise you above any other contenders.

Click here to read the script (.pdf format).