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When do you look and feel your best?

It’s probably when you step out of the beauty salon for the first time. But then, after the first few steps, that feeling starts to fade.

And a few days later, it’s gone completely.

Here at Glam Shotz, in the heart of Tilehurst, we’ve figured out the secret for keeping that feeling going. And going.

And now we can share what we’ve learnt with you.

We’re an independent family-owned salon, not a faceless high street chain. All our beauty consultants are trained to at least level 3 – a professional grade that only a handful of consultants attain elsewhere.

Unlike the rest, we don’t see you as another appointment. You’re an individual with aspirations. We’re here not just to make you look ‘pretty’ (though we’re very good at that), but to build a relationship, find out what matters to you, give you a lift, and make you feel great on the inside too.

And don’t think that just because our stylists, colourists and beauty therapists are the best in the business, the prices are the highest either. For the same price as those ‘chains’, we can have you looking and feeling better than you ever have. And we guarantee it.

Still not sure? Then pop down and see us on the Oxford Road for a cup of tea and a chat. With absolutely no obligation. It’d be great to see you.

Glam Shotz. You won’t just feel your best in the salon: you’ll stay looking fabulous long after you’ve left.

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