The cost

What does it cost?So, hiring me as a copywriter, what does it cost?

This could very easily become a “how long is a piece of string” question, so I’ll try and give you a real answer that will be helpful.

Most of the clients I have, know exactly what they want to say. It’s how to say it that’s the tough bit. Many of them can even get that far, but the labour and mechanics of writing the content on their website, or summing up their services for the company brochure, or whatever, is simply a job that they don’t want to spend time doing.

Rather than waste a few days of your precious time, I can do that work in a fraction of the time, and for minimal cost.

How minimal?

I’m lucky that I’m working all the time. There’s a high demand for what I do, so an economy of scale emerges when it comes to charging for my services.

To hire me as a copywriter costs just £30 per hour. (or whatever the Dollar/Yen/Euro equivalent is).

Of course, the big question is, how many hours does a typical job involve? Well, we’re dangerously close to being back in “how long is a piece of string territory” here. Obviously a large project (e.g. writing the content for several webpages at about 500 words per page) costs more than a smaller project (like say, an introductory message for the front of your website).

But I like to work. And I work fast. Much faster than most other copywriters. Let me give you some kind of perspective: It might surprise you to know that about 80% of the copywriting jobs I take on require an average of about 4 hours work. In total. That’s just £120.

£120 would probably buy you a few well-written 300-word webpages worth of copy, or the main content of a company brochure, or even a complete yet simple 5/6 page website.

Now the nature of the job might alter that. For example, if you wanted a really considered 500-word piece, that required in-depth research and so on, that might be the equivalent of a couple of 8-hour days, or £480. But the chances of your job costing that much is rare.

Whatever project you’re thinking of hiring me for, I really doubt that it will cost you much more than £120.

£120 for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the written copy on your website, brochure or advert is going to be of the highest quality, and delivered to you quickly and efficiently.

And if after I’ve provided you with the work, and after revisions, you’re not 100% satisfied, then naturally it costs you absolutely nothing.

That’s how confident I am about the work that I do. And that’s why I have clients from all over the world.

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