Scripts for TV, radio & webvideo

FilmmakingThere are so many different ways businesses can promote themselves now. The internet has opened up more possibilities than we can count.

‘Corporate video’ had the label ‘corporate’ because typically only large corporations were able to afford them. Nowadays, a professionally produced video can be made for hundreds, not tens of thousands. Once the video is made, you can embed it on your companies website, and post it through a wide variety of social media platforms, reaching potentially millions.

Putting this new communication method in the hands of small and medium businesses is truly liberating. But for the business owner, it can also be pretty daunting.

I’ve been working as a professional and award-winning filmmaker for many years. Back in the day, I presented a TV show for Channel 4 Television in the UK. I know film, TV and video very well.

I’m also a professional broadcaster. Presenting on the radio (as well as writing the creative copy) has been my bread and butter for most of my working life.

These are mediums I know. And I also know that whether it’s a promotional webvideo you need, or a large industrial corporate film, or just a 30-second radio spot, the success of the project hinges almost entirely on the script. Get that right at the start, and everything will work.

Over the years, I have written countless corporate/promotional screenplays, radio promo scripts, treatments and outlines. I know how to createmagical worlds on the radio, or how to successfully implement visual metaphors for television and webvideo. I can turn these talents to your business, and create the groundwork that will make your next radio campaign or webvideo project a real success.

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